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2019 National Convention


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21-30 August 2019


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8-9 February 2020


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The minor child must not be older than 17, or 20 if still enrolled in high school or is physically handicapped. The minor child must be the biological child, stepchild, or in the legal custody of, a qualifying veteran.

A qualifying veteran is defined as a member of the United States Armed Forces serving on federal orders current under Title 10 of the United States Code, inclusive of all components, OR any veteran possessing an up-to-date membership in The American Legion.

Active duty applicants can be considered without being a member of The American Legion. A single onetime non-repayable Temporary Financial Assistance grant of up to $1,500 will be permitted for the minor child(ren) of a qualifying veteran.

No child is considered eligible for Temporary Financial Assistance until a complete investigation is conducted at the post or department level, a legitimate family need is determined, and all other available assistance resources have been utilized or exhausted.

Additionally, the TFA application must originate and be filled out by someone at the local level.

To help you prepare, please have the following documents ready to accompany the TFA application:

  • Current American Legion membership or military orders
  • Birth certificates of children
  • Marriage license
  • Custody documentation and legal name changes
  • All current statements, bills, leases, foreclosures, eviction notices, disconnection notices to be considered
  • Expenses not documented will not be considered.

Please send your request to Children and Youth Chairman Rick Baur rbaur60@gmail.com


Enrollments after 1/1/2015, anyone  enrolled in LegionCare will be covered for as long as they maintain  their membership in The American  Legion. This new “one and done” approach will save from needing to re-enroll every 5 years. The LegionCare program will continue to cover you for $1,000 of AD&D coverage plus provide the added benefit of up to $5,000 if the accidental loss occurs when on “official Legion business.”

We want you to know too,  LegionCare is now available to all members of the Legion Family including the American Legion Auxiliary and Sons of the American Legion members 18 years and older. The Legionnaire Insurance Trust has been working hard to provide valuable benefits to your entire  family and we look forward to continuing to serve  veterans’ insurance needs.

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