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Resolution: 2020-06
Title: Amend Article II, Nature of the Riders Constitution of the Department of Tennessee
Origin: Greenbrier Post 45
Submitted by: Mark Rennick
WHEREAS, The American Legion, Department of Tennessee Riders Constitution and Bylaws was last amended January 23, 2010; and
WHEREAS, ARTICLE II, Nature of the American Legion Constitution guides our every action with its guiding principles; and
WHEREAS, The principle, "Nature" is to be changed to Objectives from Article II of The American Legion, Department of Tennessee Constitution; and
WHEREAS, The principle, Nature definition is currently incorrect,
Section 1. The American Legion Riders (ALR) is a program for members of The American Legion, The American Legion Auxiliary, and the Sons of The American Legion (SAL), collectivity 'The Legion Family," who share an interest in motorcycling.
Section 2. The American Legion Riders {ALR) upholds the declared principles of the American Legion as well as conforms to and abides by the regulations and decisions of the Department, Post, or other duly constituted governing body.
Section 3. The ALR maintains and protects the image of The American Legion at all times through appropriate wearing of The American Legion Emblem. The emblem of The American Legion demands "that the wearer shall ever guard the sanctity of home and country and free institutions."
Section 4. Members of the ALR will avoid any perception of being a motorcycle or "biker" club or gang. Rather, the focus of membership is for the enjoyment of motorcycles and comradeship and furthering Legion programs in the community.
Section 5. The ALR strives to improve the public's perception of the motorcycling community by promoting the honorable nature of service to one's community, state and nation through the sport of motorcycling.
Section 6.  Members of the ALR comply at all times with the motor vehicle safety, licensing, insurance laws and regulations of the state of Tennessee stated in The American Legion, Department of Tennessee Constitution; and be it
RESOLVED. by Greenbrier Post 45, The American Legion, Department of Tennessee, in a regular meeting assembled on 05 November 2019, That the Definition of ARTICLE II – renamed to Objectives to the Riders Constitution of The American Legion, Department of Tennessee shall be amended to read: 
Section 1.  Promote motorcycle safety white providing a social atmosphere for members of The American Legion family who share common interests in serving veterans, their communities and motorcycling.
Section 2. Promote, support and participate in the programs and ceremonies of the American Legion including calling for a full accounting of all Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action; and honoring our nation's fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines, and to support their families.
Section 3. Promote membership recruiting and be the standard bearer for The American Legion’s Legacy fund supporting children of U..S. military members who died while on active duty on or after September 11, 2001, as well as children of post-9/11 veterans having been assigned a combined disability rating of 50 percent or greater by the Department of Veterans Affairs also quality.
Section 4. As ambassadors of The American Legion Family, Riders will always represent the organization in a manner in keeping with the Preamble of the Constitution of The American Legion.”
This is to certify that the above resolution was adopted by Greenbrier Post 45 on 05 November 2019.
Signed Terry Wilson, Commander                             Signed Charlie Adcock, Riders Director
Post 45, Greenbrier                                                   Post 45, Greenbrier
Signed Jackie Laird, Department Riders Director