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Resolution: 2020-08
Title: Amend Article IV - Membership of the Riders Constitution of the Department of Tennessee
Origin: Greenbrier Post 45
Submitted by: Mark Rennick
WHEREAS, The American Legion, Department of Tennessee Riders Constitution and Bylaws was last amended January 23, 2010; and
WHEREAS, The Article IV - Membership Eligibility needs to be changed of The American Legion Constitution guides the proper wear of the American Legion emblems with its guiding principles; and
WHEREAS, The principle, Article IV - Membership Eligibility need to be changed of the American Legion, Department of Tennessee Constitution; and
WHEREAS, The principle, Article JV- Membership as currently written needs to be changed:
ARTICLE IV - Membership Eligibility
Section 1. Eligibility for basic membership in The American Legion Riders shall be prescribed by the respective Department and Detachment Constitution and By-laws of the American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary and the Sons of the American Legion.
Section 2. All members of the American Legion Riders must further demonstrate current individual membership in The American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary, or the Sons of The American Legion.
Section 3. Members of a Post American Legion Rider will not at any time hold membership in more than one American Legion Post, American Legion Auxiliary Unit, or Sons of The American Legion Squadron.
Section 4. Members of a Post ALR cannot be a member of one American Legion Post, American Legion Auxiliary Unit, or Sons of The American Legion Squadron and at the same time be a member of a different Post, Unit, or Squadron. Chartering of a Post ALR is based upon total sponsorship and legal liability of one American Legion Post with associated Auxiliary and SAL.
Section 5. In addition to sections 1-4 above, members must be the legally registered owner of a motorcycle, or the spouse of the legally registered owner within the State of Tennessee.
Section 6. All motorcycle operators must be properly licensed and insured per Tennessee State Laws.
Section 7. All members will obey the motor vehicle laws in any state in which they are operating a motorcycle or riding as a passenger; therefore, it be
RESOLVED, by Greenbrier Post 45, The American Legion, Department of Tennessee, in a regular meeting assembled on 05 November 2019, That Article IV Membership of The American Legion Riders Constitution, Department of Tennessee shall be amended to read:
“ARTICLE IV - Membership
There shall be two classes of membership: Regular and Special.
Section 1. Regular Membership shall be open to any verified current member of The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary and The Sons of the American Legion.
  1. Must be the registered owner of a street legal motorcycle, a valid motorcycle endorsement or motorcycle learner permit and motorcycle insurance equivalent or exceeds Tennessee's minimum requirement bodily injury liability for one person injured in an accident; and Tennessee's maximum for all accident injuries, and for property damage. Currently all states adjacent to Tennessee have the same or exceed the Tennessee's minimums, except for Missouri and Kentucky. Riders registered in Kentucky and Missouri will need to increase their minimum insurance to meet Tennessee insurance standard to become member of the Tennessee American Legion Rider.
  2. Spouses, significant others (significant other is defined as a partner which resides at the same permanent residency of the rider) or dependents who meet the criteria described in Section 1 above may also be members.
Section 2. Special Membership shall be open to current regular members only who have relinquished ownership or ridership of a qualifying motorcycle as a result of disability, injury, or a death. Qualifying death shall be that of a spouse or significant other who was the sole or joint owner of the qualifying motorcycle. Qualifying injury or disability shall be a limitation which prevents proper operation of a motorcycle.”
This is to certify that the above resolution was adopted by Greenbrier Post 45 on 05 November 2019.
Signed Terry Wilson, Commander                             Signed Charlie Adcock, Riders Director
Post 45, Greenbrier                                                     Post 45, Greenbrier
Signed Jackie Laird, Department Riders Director