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Resolution: 2020-11
Title: Amend Article VII - Finance of the Riders Constitution of the Department of Tennessee
Origin: Greenbrier Post 45
Submitted by: Mark Rennick
WHEREAS, The American Legion, Department of Tennessee Riders Constitution and Bylaws was last amended January 23, 2010; and
WHEREAS, Article VII - Finance needs to be changed of the American Legion Riders Constitution guides finances and
WHEREAS, The principle, Article VII - Finance as currently written needs to be changed; and therefore, be it
RESOLVED, by Greenbrier Post 45, The American Legion, Department of Tennessee, in a regular meeting assembled on 05 November 2019, That Article II - Finance of The American Legion Riders Constitution of The American Legion, Department of Tennessee shall be amended to read:
“ARTICLE VII - Finance
Section 1. The revenue of the Post ALR shall be derived from such membership fees or dues and from such other sources as may be approved by the Post ALR Executive Committee and approved by the respective American Legion Post Executive Committee. Members are required to pay per capita dues annually as approved by the Department Executive Committee. Membership year coincides with the American Legion, Auxiliary, and SAL; 1 Jan - 31 December annually.
Section 2. The amount of such ALR membership, or initiation fees and the amount of such annual dues, above and beyond the per capita rate set by the Department Executive Committee, shall be fixed and determined by the Post ALR Executive Committee and approved by the sponsoring American Legion Post Executive Committee.
Section 3. The Post ALR Director, or Post ALR Treasurer will provide a monthly financial report to the sponsoring American legion Post Executive Committee.
Section 4. That the Department Adjutant will issue a membership card for each member listed on a submitted roster and the membership card issued by the Department will be the only authorized membership card and the cost of each membership card is $3.00. The funds derived from the membership cards will be divided into two parts. One dollar ($1) will be retained at the Department level for expenses associated with the cards and two dollars ($2) will be donated to the National Legacy Scholarship Fund.”
This is to certify that the above resolution was adopted by Greenbrier Post 45 on 05 November 2019.
Signed Terry Wilson, Commander                             Signed Charlie Adcock, Riders Director
Post 45, Greenbrier                                                     Post 45, Greenbrier
Signed Jackie Laird, Department Riders Director