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Resolution: 2020-12
Title: Amend Article II - Management Section 1 of the American Legion Riders Bylaws
Origin: Greenbrier Post 45
Submitted by: Mark Rennick
WHEREAS, The American Legion, Department of Tennessee Riders Constitution and Bylaws was last amended January 23, 2010; and
WHEREAS, The By-Laws Article II -Management Section 1 guides our action with its guiding principles; and
WHEREAS, The By-Laws Article II - Management Section 1 needs to be changed as is currently written; therefore, be it
RESOLVED, by Greenbrier Post 45, The American Legion, Department of Tennessee, in a regular meeting assembled on 05 November 2019, That Article II - Management Section 1 By Laws of Riders Constitution of The American Legion, Department of Tennessee shall be amended to read:
“ARTICLE II - Management
Section 1.  The elected officers of the Post ALR may be:
  1. ALR Post Director.
  2. ALR Post Secretary/Treasurer.
  3. ALR Post Road Captain.
Optional Elected Post positions at the discretion of each individual post:
  1. Post Assistant ALR Director
  2. Post Sergeant at Arms/Road Captain
  3. ALR Post Historian
  4. ALR Post Membership Chairman, and
  5. Immediate Past Legion Rider Director (not elected)
Section 2. Between Post ALR meetings, the administrative power shall be vested in the Post ALR Executive Committee, which shall consist of all elective officers of the respective Post ALR and the Immediate Past ALR Post Director.
Section 3. Officers of the Post ALR shall be elected annually, on the same date as the sponsoring American Legion Post's annual election of Post officers, or on a date as designated by the sponsoring American Legion Post Executive Committee. Elected officers shall take office at the Post ALR meeting next following that of the election. All elections of ALR Post officers will be by personal vote in attendance at a scheduled Post ALR meeting.  Nominations and seconds can be received from the floor and voted on after discussion. The nominee/candidate receiving the highest number of votes from paid current ALR members shall be elected the respective office or, offices for which they are a candidate.  The elected ALR Director cannot be both the Director and Secretary/Treasurer.
Section 4. All vacancies existing in any office of the Post ALR from any cause other than the expiration of the term, shall be filled by a majority vote of the members of the ALR Post Executive Committee, and a person so appointed shall hold office for the unexpired term of the member of the committee, or officer whose position was vacated.
Section 5. A vacancy shall exist when a member, or officer from the Post ALR is absent due to resignation, loss of qualifications, incapacity from injury or illness, or for a continuous period of three (3) monthly unexcused absences, considered detrimental to the interest of the Post ALR by the remaining members of the ALR Post Executive Committee.
Section 6. All Past ALR Post Directors shall be members of the ALR Post Executive Committee with voice, but without voting privileges. However, the Immediate Past ALR Post Director is a voting member of the ALR Post Executive Committee.”
This is to certify that the above resolution was adopted by Greenbrier Post 45 on 05 November 2019.
Signed Terry Wilson, Commander                             Signed Charlie Adcock, Riders Director
Post 45, Greenbrier                                                   Post 45, Greenbrier
Signed Jackie Laird, Department Riders Director