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VOLUME XXXVIII, NO. 2                                                                                                                                                                  AUGUST 1, 2021


            COMMUNICATION*EDUCATION*COOPERATION      My fellow Legionnaires it my honor and privilege to have been selected to serve you as your recently elected Department Commander for 2021-2022. I want you to know that I and the newly elected officers for this year are ready to assist each and every post in all Divisions with whatever we can do to strengthen and make them beneficial to the veterans of their community. We would also like to encourage every post to get more engaged in the events of their community and become a dependable resource of assistance for their community. With my goals for this year being Communication, Education and Cooperation I would encourage all post that are in close proximity of each other to Communicate with each other on things that may benefit each other, like Educational function for the membership that your post may be hosting, this can be done by utilizing the information on the Department website or contacting our Educational Chairman Steven Weismann to come and give training which he will be happy to tailor to fit your needs. Remember, a well-educated membership is the best way to strengthen and create growth of any post. The last thing to consider is to in the spirit of Cooperation reach out to other post in the area and offer to assist them with projects it may be a membership drive or cleaning up a veteran’s yard or building a ramp for a disabled veteran, by doing so it will let the communities know we are a close-knit organization. In turn it will also create camaraderie and a chance to have fun. In closing I ask that your Division and District leadership be kept informed of your endeavors so they may be able to be involved if their schedules permit. 
With that being said, I think if we work together and take to heart the goals, I have set out we can only expect success. Success not only at a post level but as a District and a Division. Which in turn can create a very successful Department and one that other Departments would like to emulate.  Remember, we are “Veterans Strengthening America” and that starts here at home.
Boys State is not a school room activity, but a practical experience for young men in the actual problems of government as it operates in Tennessee. Boys State is not meant to take the place of civics or government, as they are taught in the high schools of the state but is planned so that young men may put into actual practice the theories of government through actual participation in city, county, and stale governments organized as a "Mythical 51st State". 
American citizenship is the priceless possession of us all. America is a free land, and believing that, the principles of democracy as guaranteed by our constitution have made us a great and powerful nation. The American Legion hope assure this freedom to our citizens of future generations, to accomplish this purpose, youth must be trained not only in theory of government, but in its actual practice and operation. We believe that a prepared and trained youth will more effectively preserve and perpetuate this precious heritage and be ready to assume the trust and responsibilities that go with American Citizenship.
Few realize the obligation they have to the public. Through this program, the sponsors hope to impress on future genera­tions the responsibilities of citizenship, to develop leadership and to bring to the young men a full realization of the duties of the American citizen,
Approximately six hundred young men representing every county in Tennessee will virtually attend American Legion Boys State this year. They will be assigned to mythical cities for the period of Boys State. Approximately fifty young men will comprise a city, three cities will make up a county, and the four counties will make the "Mythical 51st State." The assemblage will function under these political subdivisions for a period of five days, under the basic laws of the State of Tennessee, using the existing constitution and bylaws as their guide. 
Each delegate will be assigned to a mythical "political party," the "Johnsonians" or the "Jacksonians." These parties will not adopt nor assume any of the principles of any existing political party in Tennessee, nor will the young men become affiliated with any of the existing parties. 
The caucus and convention system of nominations will be used in nominating the candidates for the various offices. A complete election will be held, naming to office all of the city officials, county officers and state elective officers, from the mayor of the cities to the Governor of American Legion Boys State. The three divisions of government, the Judicial, the Legislative and the Executive will be formed under the competent supervision of counselors. The State Legislature will be formed, and the young men will pass their own laws. The courts will be established and will function according to the constitution.
The Department of Transportation and the law enforcing officers will be appointed and their relations to the cities and the county governments will be part of the program of this mythical state. 
While it is not the primary function of Boys State to train future public officials, the young men will, through the operation of their own government, become acquainted with the functions and the duties of the various offices. 
The entire program is non-partisan and will not reference any existing political party. Upon arrival each delegate will be assigned to a mythical political party, the Jacksonians or the Johnsonians. The young men will be encouraged to introduce legislation which will reflect current issues that affect young people, such as environment, education, family, etc. 
Only young men who are in the 11th grade and in the upper third of their class will be eligible to attend.
The purpose of this is that young men in the 11th grade will have one more year in their respective high schools, and will be able to furnish leadership not only in their schools but in their communities during the year. 
The method of selecting the young men is left to the local American Legion Post The method used must be based on fairness to every eligible young man with the sole idea of selecting the most representative young man available, School officials can aid materially with suggestions as to the outstanding leaders who could represent their school with honor at American Legion Boys State. Consideration should be given to character, conduct, scholarship, etc. 
Selections from those eligible should be based on the qualities of honor, courage, leadership, and service. This is a program for all young men and no preference should be given to sons of Legionnaires unless they meet with the above requirements. The program is so active and strenuous that those whose ability to walk or run is limited in any way will not receive the full enjoyment or benefit from Boys State. This program will not discriminate against any individual because of race, religion, creed, color, sex, age, handicap, veteran status, or national origin.
We are proud to have Robert "Jake" Jachin from White County High School as our Boys State Governor for 2021-22.  Sparta Post 99 sponsored Jake Jachin.
For more information contact Boys State Chair Jason Murphy


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