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VOLUME XXXIV, NO. 1                                                                                                                                                                  FEBRUARY 1, 2022

My fellow Legionnaires, well it’s 2022 and I truly hope everyone is well and healthy. I know we’ve all have had our brushes with the Covid-19 situation. It has had a dramatic effect on our post having meetings and slowed our membership growth for the last 2 years, but some posts have pushed through and stayed as active in their communities as possible. With that being said, I’m sure we will recover and get back to business as usual.

Even with the slow down we have had some positives. As per my goals set out which was communication, education, and cooperation I’ve seen great improvement in all three. Post have been reaching out to their District Commanders and allowing them to do their jobs in assisting them with their needs. Posts have been scheduling educational classes with the Education Chairman and the Department Adjutant and walking away with valuable information. I’ve seen great reviews on these classes and heard some people say, “I didn’t know what I didn’t know”. As far as cooperation I’ve seen in action why they call this the “Volunteer State”. Especially with our veterans. We’ve had posts responding and corresponding with posts in the communities that have been affected by the recent floods and tornado to see what assistants they can render. The first email traffic I received was from East Division. I have to give kudos to someone that kept everyone informed on the progress with all that was going on during the flood and tornado situation, and that was 6th District Commander and Department Media Chairman Michael Lawler. I was also honored to be able to meet the Department Commander of Texas Bret Watson and assist them in unloading a 26’ box truck of supplies which was donated by 14 posts in Texas at post 55 Martin which will disseminate it to the needy. This in my opinion shows the community they can depend on the American Legion to respond to their needs and become their first resource for help. 
On another note, I was so pleased to see those that attended Mid-Winter Conference despite the weather. Some of you drove a long way. It was good that the roads for the most part had cleared up by Friday evening and Saturday morning. I was a little dismayed by not seeing representatives from a number of posts that are within the immediate area of the Conference. Well, maybe better luck at the Summer Convention. 
Please keep working on building your post membership and being visible in your community. Good luck to all who are running for a new position either at Post level, District or Department level. Looking forward to seeing all of you at District Conventions. 
Remember “No Veteran Left Behind “ 
Respectfully Submitted,

Commander Larry Kersey



The Member Who Never Came Back

It amuses me to think that your group spends so much time 
looking for new members when I was there all the time. 
Do you remember me? I'm the person you asked to join.
I paid my dues and was asked to be a loyal and faithful member.

I'm the person who came to every meeting but nobody paid
any attention to me. I tried to be friendly
but everyone seemed to have their own friends to talk and sit with.

I sat with different people several times but they 
did not pay much attention to me.
I hoped that somebody would ask me to join one of the
committees or do something but no one did.

Finally, because of illness I missed a meeting. When I came again no
one asked me where I had been.
I guess it did not matter much whether I came or not.
Next time I decided to stay home and watch a good TV show.
When I came back again no one asked where I was the month before.

You might say I'm a good person, fun loving and religious.
You know what else I am?
I'm the member who never came back. 



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