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VOLUME XXXIV, NO. 2                                                                                                                                                                 May 1, 2022


I hope everyone is enjoying the freedom of not having to wear mask everywhere with the mandates being relaxed. The ability to see smiles on person’s face is a great thing. I want to say this has been a busy year and a rewarding year getting to experience a lot of chances to make new friends
I know every post in the Department has been working hard to get back to normal. Well, it’s Baseball season is upon us again let’s not forget to participate and take time to get out and support American Legion Baseball, weather your post has a team or not, check the season schedule on the website. I know the players would enjoy seeing you there. 
It’s time for election of new Post and District officers before Department convention. I and my Senior Vice Commander Lanny Culver have been fortunate to be present at all District Conventions and been pleased there will be a good group of leaders for the next year. The nominations and election of the future Senior Vice Commander and Division Vice Commanders and your next Department Commander will be at Department Convention which July 2nd and 3rd. All Post should be sending a delegate to the Department Convention to vote for the candidates of their membership’s choice. 
We have been honored to have a 2nd place winner in the National Oratorical contest her name is Asley Tuell from Johnson City TN. I want to encourage all post to get into your schools and work with the counselors to promote the Oratorical Contest which will give the student a chance for scholarship money. So possibly next year we will have a 1st place winner at the National Oratorical Contest. While I’m on the theme of education I would like to see if every would consider supporting our Department Education fund by sending what you can to Dean Tuttle at Department. I hope every Post will take advantage of the Education Program which will be beneficial to your membership.
With that being said, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at Department Convention. So until then stay safe and God bless all of you  

The last couple of years have been a challenge for all of us, about the time we think things are getting better, there is another strain of the virus or a natural disaster to knock us back down, but we get back up and dust ourselves off and keep on plugging. I want to thank Mike Lawler (6th District Commander) and all the Post that pitched in and helped the folks in Waverly during the flood and the folks in West Tennessee and Kentucky during the tornados, it just shows why we are called the Volunteer state. Good job to all that assisted.
We conducted our Oratorical Contest at the District, Division and Department. We had two fantastic contestants at the Department level both could have easily one, however there can only be one winner. Congrats to the young lady from East Tennessee and I wish her the best at the National Contest.
We have been working on membership and performing Buddy Checks through March and April. I want to thank the District Officers and the Post Officers for their participation in this endeavor. We must continue this effort; I don’t know how many legionnaires I have talked to, and they tell me how they appreciate talking with another veteran and are glad that someone reached out to them.
We have been working on getting the Post Data Reports into the Department Adjutant. We still had several Posts that did not make the deadline. I don’t know why this seems to be so difficult. It was mailed to each Adjutant of record in March. It take about 5 minutes to look it over and make any corrections sign and date it and mail it back to the Department Adjutant. They should have a been returned by April 1st. I want to thank Alan Harris (7th District Commander) and all the 7th District Posts for being the only District that made the cutoff date for all their Posts. Good job Ladies and Gentlemen.
The CPR’s (Consolidated Post Reports) due date May 15, 2022, is coming up shortly, please get them in to the department on time. It is the only way that your Post can be considered for Post awards.
We conducted our District Conventions; 7th District Convention was held on Monday April 25, 2022, in Manchester, hosted by Post 78, there was a very good turnout (over 60 people), Robert Alan Harris was re-elected as the 7th District Commander. 5th District was held on Thursday April 28, 2022, in Murfreesboro, hosted by Post 288, Ronald Hessil was elected as the 5th District Commander. 4th District Convention was held on Friday April 29, 2022, in Crossville, hosted by Post 163, Skip Ritter was elected as the 4th District Commander. 6th District Convention was held on Saturday April 30, 2022, in Camden, hosted by Post 102, David Zeveney was elected as the 6th District Commander. Congratulations to all.
This will be my last article as the Middle Tennessee Division Vice-Commander, I am steeping down and am running for the Department Sr, Vice-Commander. If elected, it will be my pleasure to serve as your Sr Vice-Commander. I would appreciate your vote and support.
John A Davis
Middle Tennessee Division Vice-Commander

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