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318 Donelson Pike, Nashville, TN

The American Legion Department of Tennessee



 The American Legion was founded from one statement made in a sick bay during World War I, by a sergeant; “that we all need to stick together and take care of one another once we get back stateside.” With that idea, our Vision and Four Pillars were drafted.

 The American Legion Department of Tennessee vision is to MOTIVATE our members and remind them that we still proudly back each other, as we did when we wore the uniform. We will communicate the Legion’s mission of helping veterans and their families.  Our members will once again be MOTIVATED to wear the cap and let the State of Tennessee know the American Legion is alive and doing well.

We will be DEDICATED to help our veterans through the use of our Veteran Affairs and Rehablitation programs; fighting for benefits and seeing to it that we have accreditated service officers to handle their claims.

We support a strong National Security agenda, so our members that are serving as well as those that previously served,  know the blank check they wrote to their country was not for nothing.  Though MOTIVED and DEDICATED involvement,  we will remind our legislators that the rights and liberties found in our  Constitution need to be upheld.  Furthermore, our DEDICATION to our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines, defending our country today, will remain steadfast to ensure they have what they need to complete their mission.

We intend to grow Americanism programs; such as Boys State, Baseball, Junior Shooting Sports, Oratorical, and Legion Riders. Member involvement and DEDICATION being second to none.

Children & Youth making sure every veteran’s child has the basic to make it. We also will be dedicated to see how we can help with homeless veterans, working with other organization for the cause.

We will be working to make sure the line of communication remains open within the American Legion Family; Legion, Ladies Auxiliary, Sons of the Legion, and Legion Riders thus forming a good working relationship. The family is every important all to meet our membership goals. With all working together to makes a stronger organization.


BOBBY FERRELL                                                                                                                                       Department of Tennessee Commander




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