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One Vision…One Force


This year we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of The American Legion.  100 years of service to our veterans, communities and youth.  Our call to service began with our enlistment in the Armed Forces and continues today due to your incredible dedication and hard work.

Our focus this year will be centered on One Vision.  We will not succeed as a Department operating as 184 Posts, 10 Districts, or 3 Divisions.  We must come together, communicate, use our chain of command, and work together as One Force.  This force includes the entire family of The American Legion; American Legion, Sons of the American Legion, Ladies Auxiliary, and American Legion Riders.  Look to the leaders that you have elected for guidance and support.  Training, training, training, should be the call from every Post.  Knowledge is power and with this power, there is nothing we cannot achieve.  Our vision must never stray from 40,000.  This is the number we must reach to be solvent as a Department.  Think of the impact 40,000 Legionnaires could have on the veterans, communities, and youth of Tennessee.  40,000 membership dues going toward the programs of The American Legion in our great State.

Learn our Four Pillars by either completing Basic Training online or our new Intro to Basic Training at your local Post.  This training will allow you to see our vision, One Vision, for the Department of Tennessee.

One Vision, One Force for our veterans.  One Vision, One Force for our communities.  One Vision, One Force for our youth.  Together we will make the Department of Tennessee a force for the next 100 years and beyond.




Stephen T. Weismann

Department of Tennessee Commander