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 The American Legion relies heavily upon dedicated Legionnaires and Legion family members to support and donate countless hours to the success of its youth programs—Baseball, Oratorical Contest, Boys State/Nation, Junior Shooting Sports, Scouting and Junior Law Cadet. And in an effort to continue enhancing the Legion’s youth programs, and its protection of children and youth, The American Legion National Executive Committee (NEC) adopted Resolution 4 during the 2012 Spring Meetings, which mandates a background check screening for staff and volunteers selected to be involved in American Legion’s national youth programs. These Department programs include: Boys State, American Legion Baseball Tournaments, and American Legion sponsored Boy Scout Jamborees.

This policy goes into effect Jan. 1, 2013, and will be conducted annually prior to the start of each program. 


Resolution No. 17, Risk Management Mandates for National Youth Programs, adopted at NEC Fall Meetings October 2023, established policies and procedures which mandates sexual abuse awareness training and criminal history background check screenings for adult participants of 
American Legion Baseball. Those policies and procedures are outlined in the American Legion Baseball Risk Management Guidebook. The current American Legion Baseball Risk Management Guidebook is available online at Risk Management Guide – Baseball | Brochures & Publications | The American Legion.

Beginning with the 2024 season, all adult participants (coaches, managers, volunteers and players, who have or will have attained their 18ᵗʰ birthday before August 20, 2024, herein referred to at “Adult Players”) are required to have a background check and complete adult abuse awareness training each year to be eligible to participate in a national regional and world series tournament hosted by The American Legion. Coaches, managers, and volunteer staff members of Junior and Senior American Legion Baseball teams will still need to complete a background check and abuse 

awareness course prior to conducting any meetings, events, practices, or games that involve youth participants.

During the online American Legion Baseball registration process, National Headquarters will require team administrators to acknowledge that all adult participants (coaches, managers, volunteers and Adult Players) of Senior American Legion Baseball teams have completed a
background check and adult abuse awareness training.

As in previous seasons, coaches, managers, and volunteer staff members must have background checks and adult abuse training completed before the department baseball chairman can certify teams’ Form #1 roster to National Headquarters by June 30 to be eligible for national competition. Department baseball chairman must certify that Adult Players listed on the certified Form #1 roster have completed background checks and adult abuse training before the completion of the department championship tournament to be eligible for national competition.

In accordance with the recommendations under risk management awareness and orientation, all adult participants (coaches, managers, volunteers, and Adult Players) shall submit a statement form that acknowledges receipt and understanding of the “Risk ManagementGuidelines of Junior and Senior American Legion Baseball Teams.” The said statement form entitled “Acknowledgment and Understanding of Risk Management Policies for American Legion Baseball” will be included as part of the department winner’s certification paperwork The American Legion required for regional competition. The Acknowledgment and Understanding form can also be utilized to certify adult participants that complete a group adult abuse training session conducted by the department baseball chairman. This form pertains to those adult participants listed on the team’s certified Form #1. A copy of said form is attached.

We’ve created QR Codes to the various links for adult participants to easily complete the risk management requirements. Using the camera on your smartphone, these QR codes will re- direct you to the appropriate website.

Background Check

Abuse Awareness Training


Risk Management Guidebook


(available electronically only)



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The goal for American Legion Baseball is to build the strength, coordination and over-all physical fitness of teen-aged players; to provide a method for proper channeling of the excessive energy contained in any young player; to develop young, healthy, busy American players while combating juvenile delinquency; and to aid in the development of good sportsmanship and citizenship, a "positive Americanism."