The American Legion Department of Tennessee

 Department Chaplain
 Due to the sickness of my sister, my husband recovering from a broken Femur, therefore, I was unable to attend the Mid-Winter Conference. I would like to thank Chaplains Skip Ritter, Michael Fehu and David Zeveney, that so gracefully filled in for me during the Mid-Winter Conference.
I am looking forward to being at the State Convention. Only God knows what will happen after the State Convention.
I hope the  State of Tennessee Department American Legion will “Be the One” to have an influence in the lives of the Veterans across Tennessee. Every time I see a person with a Military cap or shirt,  I will inquire if the person is a Veteran. We do not know which one of us may stop a person from committing suicide, pay a light bill to keep a person from freezing to death, show a person a homeless shelter. This is a New Year let us declare that we are going to pray, love people the way God wants us to love. Love is a word that some people throw around loosely. Love is sacrificial, when a person truly loves, they are going to give up something, didn't God? He gave His only begotten son. Did not Jesus give up His life that we may have abundant and eternal life. So, in 2024 let us do what we can to help others especially our military brothers and sisters and their families. I had a chance a few weeks ago to visit one of the Veterans Home and fed the employees. That is one of my goals to visit the Veterans' Home across the state this year, being God's will. "I love all of you and ain’t nothing that you can do about it."
Chaplain Wilma Pearson,                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Department of Tennessee Chaplain of The American Legion
  Washington Conference 2024
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