The American Legion Department of Tennessee

CONSOLIDATED POST REPORT IMPACT (based on 119 reports submitted of the 162 posts in Tennessee)

  1. Number of Service Officer Cases – 95 cases for $18,346.
  2. Emergency Aid from Post Funds – 90 cases for $54,397.55.
  3. Number of Volunteer Hours recorded at VA Hospitals – 74 posts reported for 8,968 hours.
  4. Contributions to VA Voluntary Service Program – 70 posts reported $21,122.
  5. Posts with a VAVS Coordinator – 120 for a sum of 28.
  6. Number of VAVS Volunteers – 64 for a sum of 201.
  7. Blood Donor Program Number of Pints donated – 77 reports for 461 Pints donated.
  8. ROTC Medals number presented by Post – 83 posts reported 242 medals presented.
  9. Has National Security Chairperson – 119 posts stated having a Chairperson for 15 hours.
  10. Has Crime Prevention/Law and Order Program –  17 posts
  11. Post has a Fire Prevention/Protection Program – 24 posts.
  12. Post participates in Homeland Security Relief Program – 19 posts.
  13. Post has a POW/MIA Chairperson – 43 posts.
  14. Post has a Law Enforcement of the Year Program – 33 posts.
  15. Post has Firefighter of Year Program – 29 posts.
  16. Post has a Color Guard/Firing Squad – 42 posts.
  17. Posts provide Wake Services for Veterans – 46 posts.
  18. Posts provide Funeral Honor for Veterans – 93 posts for 3,583 honors.
  19. Funeral Costs to the Post – 84 posts reported a cost of $51,981.67.
  20. Has Ceremonial rifles or static display – 46 posts.
  21. Number of static displays – 317 displays.
  22. Posts that have a Public Relations Chairperson – 70 posts.
  23. Posts that produce a post publication – 47 posts.
  24. Posts that maintain a website – 67 posts.
  25. Number of annual Community Events, post participation – 1,571.
  26. Number of Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) – 736.
  27. Number of times the post was mentioned on radio – 4,140.
  28. The number of times the post was mentioned in newspaper stories – 1,333.
  29. Has an employment chairperson – 16.
  30. Has a Homeless Veteran Chairperson – 28.
  31. Participates in Career Fairs – 42.
  32. Number of Veterans referred to LVER of DVOP – 90.
  33. Number of Veterans place in employment – 53.
  34. Number of Veterans placed in a training program – 27.
  35. Promotes programs such as Employer of the Year – 19 posts.
  36. Submitted Award Homeless Veterans Outreach – 3 posts.
  37. Submitted Award Employer of the Disabled  - 2 posts.
  38. Submitted Award Employer of Older Workers – 4 posts.
  39. Award to Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER) – 6 posts.
  40. Award to Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) – 6 posts.
  41. Award to Local Office – 8 posts.
  42. Award for Employers of Veterans, (large 200+) – 5 posts.
  43. Award for Employers of Veterans (medium 50 to 200) – 3 posts.
  44. Award for Employers of Veterans (small <50) – 9 posts.
  45. Boys State, Number of Boys Sponsored – 262 young men.
  46. Boys State, cost to the post - $98,122.
  47. American Legion Legacy Scholarship donated - $10,300.
  48. Participates in Citizenship/Naturalization Activities – 12 posts.
  49. American Legion Baseball Teams Sponsored – 9 posts.
  50. Cost of American Legion Baseball sponsorship - $66,498.
  51. Other Athletic Teams Sponsored – 21.
  52. Cost of Other Athletic Team sponsorship - $12,900.
  53. Scouting, sponsors scout unit(s) – 30 posts.
  54. Number of youths in Legion scouting programs – 319.
  55. Denoted scouting activities - $15,517.06.
  56. Oratorical Contest; sponsored local contest – 37 posts.
  57. Number of local Oratorical Contestants – 55 contestants.
  58. Oratorical Contest Cost, to the post - $1,686.
  59. Participates in School Award Program – 33.
  60. Number of Awards Presented – 330 awards.
  61. Participates in American Education Week – 15 posts.
  62. Cost of American Education Week - $1,441.85.
  63. Number of Scholarships Awarded – 32 scholarships.
  64. Cost of Scholarships - $16,255.
  65. Participates in the Vets in the Classroom – 29 posts.
  66. Vets in the Classroom, cost to the post - $4,471.
  67. Participates in Flag Day – 80 posts.
  68. Participates in Get Out the Vote – 46 posts.
  69. Participates in Veterans Day – 107 posts.
  70. Participates in Memorial Day – 105 posts.
  71. Participates in Legion Birthday – 61 posts.
  72. Participates in Four Chaplains Sunday – 32 posts.
  73. Community Service, estimated hours – 79,819.5 hours.
  74. Community Service, cost to the post - $85,510.49.
  75. Junior Shooting Sports Program – number of clubs – 8 clubs.
  76. Junior Shooting Sports Program – number of youths – 67 youth.
  77. Junior Shooting Sports Program – cost to the post - $4,650.
  78. Participates in Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Program – 0.
  79. Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Program cost to the post - $0.
  80. Participates in the National Day of Prayer – 39 posts.
  81. Number of Children and Youth Activities – 397 activities.
  82. Cash Aid given to benefit children - $42,943.21.
  83. Value of goods give to children - $54,383.21.
  84. Number of children given aid – 6,261.
  85. Number of hours for Children and Youth activities – 7,830.5 hours
  86. Participates in Halloween Safety – 30 posts.
  87. Participates in Health & Child Safety activities – 24 posts.
  88. Participates in April Children and Youth Month – 17 posts.
  89. Participates in National Family Week – 14 posts.
  90. Parties, Dinners, Prizes, and gifts - $11,221.99.
  91. Participates in Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA) – 29 posts.
  92. Temporary Financial Assistance cost to the post - $16,085.
  93. Administrative Cost (paper, equipment, etc.) - $38,857.93.
  94. Cost of All Other Child Services Charities - $4,475.
  95. American Legion Foundation Veteran and Children Foundation - $1,814.
  96. American Legion Foundation Veteran and Children Foundation cost to the post - $2,515.
  97. Number of Legion Rider Chapters – 35 reported.
  98. Number of Legion Riders – 578 reported.
  99. Participates in Legion Riders Legacy Run – 35 riders.
  100. Legacy Run Cost to the post - $16,178.70.
  101. Sons of the American Legion has a Squadron – 35.
  102. Number of Sons of the American Legion – 1,380.
  103. Participates in the National Emergency Fund – 19 posts.
  104. National Emergency Fund cost to the post - $10,040.
  105. TAL Amateur Radio Club has a club – 7 posts.
  106. TAL Amateur Radio Club cost to the post - $800.
  107. Participates in Buddy Check – 96 posts.
  108. Number of members contacted – 28,326.
  109. Participates in Veterans Service Days – 53 posts.
  110. Number of Veteran Service Day Events hosted – 300 events.
  111. Participates in Operation Comfort Warrior – 11 posts.
  112. All other Fundraising not previously captured - $157,888.03.
  113. Volunteer hours not previously captured – 26,326.
    First, I want to thank everybody that voted for me and supported me for re-election as your Senior Vice-Commander. I promise that I will do my best to not let you down. For those that didn’t vote for me that’s ok, we are a majority rule organization. The election is over we need to shake hands and work together for the good of the Legion, our Legionnaires, family, local veterans and our communities.
     I attended the grand opening for the Cleveland/Bradley County Veterans Home. It was a real pleasure seeing the facility and meeting the personnel. It is a first-rate facility, and the city and county should be proud.
    I attended the McMinnville 4th of July celebration on the square and watched the raising of the flag, taps and the gun volley salute. I stayed around and watched the children in the Yankee Doodle parade which is a pleasure every year.
     We completed the Division/District Officers orientations, and it went well. There was a lot of good information put out. We also was able to schedule the upcoming District meetings and the District Conventions. Please work with your District Commanders and agree on a place for the meetings as soon as possible.
    We conducted the District Commanders tour throughout the Department. For the most part it went well, except for a couple of disappointments. It is important that at least one person from each Post attended the District and Departments meetings. That is the only way that the information will get back to the Post. As it stands now only about 50 % of the Post are getting the word, and the sad part is that the 50% that are not there are the ones that desperately needs the information. Let’s try and get a better turnout.
    The Grand Prix race is coming up soon and the National Convention is also coming soon.
    I’m looking forward to working with everybody this year. I believe that we can be the best Department in National.
Respectfully submitted,
John A Davis
Senior Vice-Commander

As East Tennessee Vice Commander, I have the honor of representing and working for thousands of fellow Legionnaires and thousands more that make up the Legion family. In this position, I walked in two 4th of July parades and the Kingsport Fun-Fest parade where along with my #BeTheOne helpers Ellie & Anna Carpenter, we handed out more than 1.5K American flags all to raise awareness of the important issue of reducing/eliminating Veteran suicide. During the 1st District Department Commander’s tour, I allowed them to present a short program to highlight why this endeavor matters. After which, the Dept. CDR gave them his challenge coin, which mesmerized 9 year old Anna the rest of the afternoon. That said, if a 4th and 6th grader understands how important this fight is, then we all should get it. #BeTheOne. 
Other bright spots across the East Division is 1st District Commander James McLaughlin who was named East Tennessee Legionnaire of the year, and the Department District Commander of the year, keep up the good fight James. In the 2nd District, Mike Testerman and James are working with Post 13 in Maryville to get this great Post off suspension and back to where they need to be. From my standpoint, the Legionnaires at this Post are showing us that a troubled past doesn’t have to define one’s future. Keep moving forward Post 13! 
Finally, in the 3rd District, I want to spotlight a real “Go Getter,” in Dwight Woodcock. Dwight who not only racked up the awards and accolades for recruiting in the Department and Nationally, he’s in fact one of the 4th runner ups nationally with regards to recruiting. 
“For the Good of the Legion.”
 Todd A. McKinley
East Tennessee Vice Commander 

Greetings everyone, I hope that your summer is going safe and well. It was nice to see everyone at the recent department convention. I hope that everyone that attended enjoyed themselves and was able to get in on some of the group sessions that were provided. I want to especially thank all those Legionnaires in the Middle Tennessee Division for their continued support in the upcoming year as your Middle Tennessee Vice Commander.
I want to congratulate all the new District Commanders in the department and those who were reelected for another term. You all have an important job to do for the department as being the first tier in the chain of command to help resolve issues at the post level. Speaking of the chain of command, please remember to follow it if at all possible. The District Commander and Division Vice Commander should be the first people you should go to if there is an issue at your post. I’m not saying you can’t call the department, but the Senior Vice Commander, Department Adjutant, and Department Commander are busy individuals who get calls from multiple posts throughout the state. So if possible please call your District or Division Commander first if possible.
I also want everyone to consider sponsoring our Legion Racing Team from Cookeville Post 135. If you had the chance to talk to driver, owner, and Post 135 Commander Ed Bray at the convention recently, it is an investment well worth it to get our organization’s brand out in the public eye. Also, if your post has a post home, consider contacting Post 207 Commander Hansel Moore who is organizing Veterans Administration telemedicine portals for use for veterans who are in rural or those who cannot travel to medical appointments. There are several of these portals already established in District Four and many on the list awaiting the necessary equipment to start supporting this initiative.
Please consider having at least one person from each district to work with Past Commander Steve Weisman to be training officers for the district. Having this individual in the district will be an asset to the district and department. PC Weisman would appreciate the help as would Adjutant Tuttle who conducts various training programs throughout the department. If you are interested please contact me or PC Weisman.
Once again, thank you all for the continued support, congratulations to all those newly elected and reelected officers in the department. I hope to see everyone soon. Thank you all for what you do for The American Legion.
Shawn Brunelle
Middle Tennessee Vice-Commander

Sixth District Report.  There is never enough gratitude to share with the team of Legionnaires in the Sixth District for their support and volunteerism to the Veterans and the community as they sponsor the American Legion Programs. For what you all have done in the past and will continue to do, YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE.  Going into the new year membership year, I challenge you to do a hard evaluation of the meaningfulness of your Post, its activities and sponsored programs within the community. Engage with your local community resources, Veterans organizations and VSO’s and get input on priorities.  Each Post should be a valuable and regarded asset in your unique communities. Let us continue to make a difference, COMMITMENT to our VETERANS and COMMUNITY!
David Zeveney
Sixth District Commander